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Improving Healthcare. We do this by continuously innovating and developing new products for the healthcare sector. In collaboration with hospitals and healthcare institutions, we create new innovations that contribute to improving the healthcare. Both for the patient as for the healthcare professional. Where necessary, we develop customized solutions for optimal results.


We have a clear vision to improve the healthcare sector by delivering innovative solutions with a unique high quality. We don’t only deliver standard solutions, but also offer custom made solutions, if needed for the situation. We do this because a lot of hospitals have invented their own unique processes with requires custom made solutions.



TechniCare was founded in 2000 by our current CEO Mr. Arjan van de Voorde. Started as a manufacturing company back in the garage, TechniCare quickly started developing products for different partners and hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Throughout the years, TechniCare has invented a innovative and broad product portfolio. We sell our products all over the world, from the Netherlands to Australia to China. We work closely with innovative partners that fit our vision.



Arjan van de Voorde

CEO Arjan van de Voorde founded TechniCare in the year 2000. Arjan started as a product developer, and is still closely involved in the development and producing of innovative health care products. The main focus of Arjan van de Voorde is as CEO of TechniCare the strategy development and long term relationships with both customers and partners. ac.vandevoorde@technicare.nl

Richard van de Voorde

Commercial manager As commercial manager Richard van de Voorde is the main contact person for customers and (international) partners. Richard van de Voorde is responsible for both sales and marketing activities and is implementing the TechniCare brand. Richard is closely involved in new business development and has a clear vision that the TechniCare products should be used worldwide. richard@technicare.nl

André van de Voorde

Manager Research & Development One of the unique aspects of TechniCare is the continiously drive for product innovation and product development. André van de Voorde is responsible for the R&D, and is always in close contact with a lot of stake holders within the hospitals to implement new innovative products. a.vandevoorde@technicare.nl

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Contact us.

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