Ensuring Infection prevention

You might regularly hear or read about a hospitalized patient whose treatment was a success, but an infection occurred. This is very unpleasant for the patient, but also for the nursing staff. Furthermore, research points out that a patient without an infection usually stays 2.5 times shorter in an institution than a patient with an infection. Infection prevention therefore contributes to lower healthcare costs. TechniCare's smart solutions reduce the risk of infections. Which products are this?

Infectiepreventie tot in detail verzorgd voor zorginstellingen

What is Infection Prevention?

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions take measures to prevent infections or to prevent infections from spreading. Often there is a service that is specifically concerned with infection prevention by monitoring and promoting hygiene in the hospital. Their work is aimed at ensuring that patients, employees and visitors do not get an infection in the hospital. Various protocols have been made to prevent infections. This service monitors compliance with the protocols to ensure the safety of the patient. Is there an outbreak of a contagious disease in the hospital nevertheless? Then this service coordinates the emergency measures. Another important task is providing information to medical staff, but also to patients and visitors.

Hygiene: Top Priority

Infection prevention starts with hygiene. The correct precautions ensure that an infection does not spread in a healthcare institution. Many hospitalized patients have reduced immunity. A healthcare institution does not want to take any risks, so striving for optimum hygiene is top priority. The infection prevention systems from TechniCare provide products contribute to the hygiene in an institution. A good system reduces the risk of infections and contributes to lower costs, which is interesting for health care institutions and hospitals. TechniCare has developed and included the following products in its infection prevention range:

Prevention Plateau

The prevention plateau can be equipped with various boxes and products that contribute to infection prevention. This includes disposables like gloves and face masks. A specially designed area for disinfectant gel for the hands has also been included. The various box holder products can stored easily and safely in this infection prevention tray. The plateau can be mounted on glass due to its suction cup system, but can also be attached to a wall. Therefore, it is possible to attach the plateau to the wall in the isolation room.

Bottle Holder with Drip Tray

Optimum hygiene is also essential in the area around the bed. However, it often appears that hand washing is skipped when the nursing staff is under a certain pressure. We have created a vial holder with disinfectant gel that can be mounted onto the bed. The vial holder stimulates the hygiene, which is of great importance to both the patient and the institution itself. The holder is made of stainless steel and has been developed in collaboration with the Ikazia Hospital. The drip tray ensures that no liquid are spilled.


The organizer is a innovative tool which is highly suitable for patient room. The product organizes space for various disposables and is equipped with a soap disinfection dispenser and a drip tray. A smart clipping system ensures that the product can be attached to an existing system very easily. The clips are available in various diameters on request. It is also possible to provide the organizer with other fastening methods such as wall mounting.

The TechniCare staff would like to inform you about these and our other innovative healthcare products. We have a wide range of unique medical equipment. Curious at what TechniCare could offer you? Do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help you!

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