Three Innovative Healthcare Products

A hospital stay is never easy, neither for the patients, nor for their loved ones. Fortunately, the healthcare sector keeps finding ways improve the patient’s comfort during their stay. Many new products and methods are developed for the patient and the nursing staff. This is made possible through technological development. TechniCare is dedicated to creating these innovative products. Read more about 3 innovative healthcare product.

  1. Mobilyzer: IV Pole ánd Walking Aid

During their hospitalization, patient might need to use one or more IV bags or and pumps. This could reduce the patient’s mobility. Walking with an IV pole is not always easy or safe. There are mobile IV stands, but they offer hardly any support while walking or standing, while this is essential for the recovery process during a longer hospital stay. TechniCare has developed the Mobilyzer. This is a product that combines the designs of an IV pole and a mobility aid, and can be equipped with a wide range of medical products and pumps.  It’s an innovative design that can be used at any hospital department, for example at the Oncology, Cardiology or Surgery department.

The Mobilyzer is characterized by the unique design of its frame and base. The five wheels at the base create maximum stability for the patient.  Irregularities on the floor or elevator thresholds can be passed without any difficulty. The  patient experiences highly comfortable and safe mobility. By combining the Mobilyzer with a variety of Mobilyzer accessories, it is possible to meet every patient’s needs.

  1. Mobile Baby Bath

In a delivery room or mother and child centres, baby baths are indispensable.  Often the baby bath are integrated into the room’s furniture. The advantage of a mobile baby bath is the possibility to use the bath in different delivery rooms. This could be of economical benefit for the institution. Due to the carefully chosen materials, including stainless steel, the bath is cleaned very easily. Moreover, a water-retaining rim has been integrated into the design, which minimizes spills. All baby baths are equipped with silent castor wheels. TechniCare offers a wide range of materials and options for the baby baths, customized to your specific needs. The dimensions of the worktop are 900 x 600mm. The drainage system can be delivered either made from synthetics or stainless steel. It is possible to attach a basket or fold-down table for care products to the frame. The baby bath is fully certified and CE marked. To prevent back and neck injuries for the nursing staff, it is possible to electronically adjust the height of the baby bath. This also creates the opportunity for the mother to bathe her baby in the bath.

  1. Bedpan and Urinal Holder

Every healthcare institutions has a number of sluice rooms where all the bedpans and urinals are cleaned and disinfected. But where do you store the bedpans and urinals once they have been disinfected?  TechniCare has designed a number of models of holders for bedpans and urinals. The advantage of these holders is that they improve the efficiency at your sluice room greatly. This saves time and stimulates the infection prevention. The Bedpan and Urinal Holder is available in a wide range of varieties, to make sure they meet the requirements of your health care institution. The Bedpan Holder is modular and can be used as a single or double stand. TechniCare has developed three different lines: the (semi)detached model, a mobile model and a stationary model, all made from stainless steel for optimal hygiene. This significantly decreases the bacterial growth.

The TechniCare staff would like to inform you about these and our other innovative healthcare products. We have a wide range of unique medical equipment. Curious at what TechniCare could offer you? Do not hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help you!

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