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Arjan van de Voorde

Arjan van de Voorde founded TechniCare in the year 2000. Arjan started as a product developer, and is still closely involved in the development and producing of innovative health care products. The main focus of Arjan van de Voorde is as CEO of TechniCare the strategy development and long term relationships with both customers and partners.

Peter van de Voorde

CEO As CEO, Peter is responsible for the strategy of TechniCare. Together with the whole team Peter is improving continuously the operation, products and processes

Richard van de Voorde

CCO As Chief Commercial Officer Richard van de Voorde is the main contact person for customers and (international) partners. Richard van de Voorde is responsible for both sales and marketing activities and is implementing the TechniCare brand. Richard is closely involved in new business development and has a clear vision that the TechniCare products should be used worldwide.

Andr;e van de Voorde

Chief Research & Development André is responsible for the research and development at TechniCare. By innovating and creating new products in close cooperation with the customer, André is making his impact on the improvement of the healthcare sector.

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