TechniCare equals development in the healthcare sector. With a specialzed team we innovate and create medical devices for the healthcare sector. in this development the wishes and needs for client and healthcare professionals are key in the development. All medical devices have the some objective to improve the healthcare sector in a practical way.

Development process

The development of new medical devices is always done in close cooperation with both the healthcare professional and patient. For TechniCare it is vital that the hospitals, both university medical centres as well as regional hospitals, are thinking along in the process and in the product.

In this process we focus on the ideal product and working process. We intent to forget about existing products and try to create a new concept suited for the future. This could mean a brand new working process (Like the Mobilyzer) or a product innovation.

Multi disciplinary development

We aim to develop the new products with a multi-disciplinary team. Not only the nurses and patients are thinking along, but we aim to develop the medical devices with different input. Besides the end-user, also Niet alleen de eindgebruiker denkt in deze mee, maar TechniCare ontwikkelt producten in samenspraak met een multi disciplinair team. Afhankelijk van het product ontwikkelt en beoordeelt ook bijvoorbeeld de afdeling infectiepreventie, medische techniek, ergotherapie, huisvesting en de architect vaak de innovaties.

Hiermee borgt TechniCare een innovatief product dat vanuit alle invalshoeken is beoordeel en is goedgekeurd. Het is natuurlijk essentieel dat een product niet alleen aan de functionele criteria voldoet, maar ook aan alle andere gestelde eisen en voorwaarden.

Core Values


Developments must be always innovative. Our developments are made in close cooperation with hospitals and professionals. In the development, TechniCare always take care of a thorough market research to research the needs and wishes of the market.


Medical Devices of TechniCare must be leading in their field. This means all our medical devices must add extra value to care giver and care taker to improve the healthcare sector.


Both TechniCare as a company, as well as our products must be a reliable partner within the hospital. We strive to be a reliable partner, and deliver reliable products which don't need a lot of service and maintenance. And if they do, we want to be a reliable partner with a fast response time.


Both in our way production processes and in our products we want to be sustainable. Most of our products are made out of stainless steel, which secures a long lifespan of the products. Some products are used over 20 years in the hospitals. We are working as much as possible together with local suppliers.

Customer orientated

All our medical devices are developed and made in close cooperation with the hospitals. In our development process, we set up a team with medical engineers, nurses, infection prevention specialists and doctors. In this way we secure a product with suits the needs of the customer and patient.

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