Mobile Baby Bathtub

Verrijdbaar babybadje, in hoogte verstelbaar

The baby bathtub is essential in your delivery room or mother and child care centre. TechniCare offers a wide range of materials and options for the baby bathtub, customized to your needs.

Stainless steel



Mobile Baby Bathtub

The mobile baby bathtub can be used at multiple delivery rooms. This is the biggest advantage of our baby bathtub compared to integrated bathtubs and could be of economical benefit for the institution. Since the product is made out of stainless steel, the baby bathtub can be cleaned very easily. Moreover, a water-retaining rim has been integrated into the design, which minimizes spills. All baby bathtubs are equipped with silent castor wheels.

The dimensions of the worktop are 900 x 600mm. The drainage system can be manufactured either  from synthetics or stainless steel. It is also possible to attach a basket or fold-down table for care products to the frame. The baby bathtub is fully certified and CE marked.


Ensuring an ergonomic working environment for the nursing staff was a top priority for the design of the product. To prevent back and shoulder injuries, TechniCare developed a baby bathtub that can be adjusted in height electronically, all the way up to the mother’s height while sitting in bed. This way, the baby bathtub meets all the health and safety requirements and can be used the nursing staff as well as the mother without any inconvenience.


It is possible for us to customize the baby bathtub to the needs of your health care institution. You can find an example of a custom-made baby bathtub on this photo. This bathtub to which TechniCare added complete casing, has been especially design for a hospital in Rotterdam.

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twerk aanpassing te verrichten op het babybadje. Op éen van de foto’s vindt u een voorbeeld, gemaakt voor een ziekenhuis te Rotterdam, waar Technicare een volledige omkasting heeft verzorgd voor het babybadje.

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14.030.02 Mobile baby bath tub adjustable in height.

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