Box holder

TechniCare introduces stainless steel box holders, fitted for every box and within every situation. We give you the opportunity to design your own holder.

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Custom made

Stainless steel

Simply replaceable

Within every room and department there are a lot of tissues, wipes, cloves and other disposables. TechniCare has developed the box holder, the solution for an organized storage of all the disposables. Besides the storage, the disposables are easy to replace and to take with you during your shift.

Within the box holder concept, you determine the needs for your health care organization in terms of measurements, the amount of boxes within the holder and how to fit the boxes in your room. TechniCare will produce and deliver the right box holders. We make the holders out of stainless steel, so we can guarantee a long life term.

Article numbers

12.051 Box holder (divers measurements)

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