Mobilyzer Electric


The Mobilyzer Electric has been developed for among other the departments Urology and Dialysis and offers a IV pole, which is electric adjustable in height.

No back- and shoulder injuries

Thanks to the Mobilyzer electric the nursing staff doesn't have to lift heavy infusion bags.

Firm Mobilyzer

The Mobilyzer Electric has a firm frame, for a maximum stability. In special with heavy infusion bags this is a must.


With a battery the Mobilyzer can be used even when it isn't plugged in.

Urology en Dialysis

The Mobilyzer Electric is highly suitable for the Urology and Dialysis departments. Each shift the nursing staff at these departments have to lift a substantial amount of (heavy) infusion bags,  usually between 3 and 5 kilograms.  Therefore, their working environment is not ergonomic, which often results in shoulder and back injuries

Unique aspects

The Mobilyzer Electric offers a unique height adjustable infusion rod. With the help of a very user friendly control system, the infusion rod can be lifted up to 50cm; between 165cm- 215cm. The electronically adjustable rod for the heavy infusion bags thus creates an ergonomic working environment for the nursing staff.

The infusion rod is height adjustable with a speed of 40mm per second. The maximum capacity of the infusion rod is 15kg.

The Mobilyzer Electric is a highly robust Mobilyzer, implemented onto the frame of the Mobilyzer Premium. It is therefore possible to further equip the Mobilyzer with a pump and cylinder holder.

The Mobilyzer is characterized by the unique design of its frame and base. The five wheels at the base create maximum stability for the patient.  Irregularities on the floor or elevator thresholds can be passed without any difficulty.  The handlebar can be adjusted in height easily, which makes the Mobilyzer also suitable for children. Comfortable mobility and safety are guaranteed!



Article numbers

Z01-06 Mobilyzer Electric, Incl. recht stuur en elektrisch verstelbare infuusbuis

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