Mobilyzer Excellent


The model Mobilyzer Excellent meets all the needs of the recovering patient. With a large foot, the Mobilyzer offers optimal stability and comfort for the patient.

RVS Frame

De Mobilyzer Excellent biedt een RVS frame.


De Mobilyzer Excellent is uitermate geschikt als revalidatie hulpmiddel en wordt veelvuldig ingezet door fysio- en ergo therapeuten


De Mobilyzer is als winkelwagentje in elkaar te schuiven, waardoor deze in opslag weinig ruimte in beslag neemt

Recovering patient

The Mobilyzer Excellent meets all the needs of the recovering patient. The Mobilyzer Excellent is highly suitable for the Oncology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Nephrology and Pulmonology departments.


The Mobilyzer enhances the independence and mobility of the patient. The Mobilyzer offers the patient support while standing or walking, which stimulates the recovery. Due to the shape of the Mobilyzer it can be used both as an IV pole and as a walking aid, with the possibility to attach various kinds of medical equipment. By combining the Mobilyzer with various accessories you can meet the needs of all different kinds of patients.


The Mobilyzer is characterized by the unique design of its frame and base. The five wheels at the base create maximum stability for the patient.  Irregularities on the floor or elevator thresholds can be passed without any difficulty.  The handlebar can be adjusted in height easily, which makes the Mobilyzer also suitable for children. Comfortable mobility and safety guaranteed!


Article numbers

Z01-02 Mobilyzer Excellent, Frame. Incl. curved steering bar

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