Nascentia birthing bed

The birthing bed that is comfortable, easy to use and ergonomic. Comfortable and ergonomic for the mother, easy to use by doctors and nursing staff. That characterizes the Nascentia delivery bed.

Unique Combination between a maternity- and delivery bed

The foam mattress is specially designed for the delivery bed and offers the mother during and after the labor the desired comfort.

Actual user friendliness

Every accessory and options are easy to use. Every accessory is directly integrated at the delivery bed.

Seperate to use parts

All the seperate parts of the bed, the pelvic section and the partus stool are controlled seperately.

Birthing bed Nascentia

We focus on a better bed for the mother, and a easy-to-use birthing bed for the healthcare professionals. We do this by delivering a nice and thick mattress (14cm) and among other an electrical drive system.

The Nascentia birthing bed is a comfortable, fully-equipped maternity and delivery bed,  which makes the bed the perfect choice for the delivery room. The expecting, birthing and recovering woman can all make use of a single bed. The Nascentia is user-friendly, equipped with every essential feature and designed with all labor positions in mind.

By removing the leg section, the partus stool, the bed can be transformed into a delivery chair in one simple movement. This section can be used for various labor positions or as a chair for the doctor or obstetrician.


The Nascentia delivery bed is an ergonomic bed, with a focus on comfort and the prevention of back injuries,  both for the mother, as well as for the nursing staff and doctors. The delivery bed can easily be handled by one person, even when it is occupied by a patient, due to the 360-degree turning radius.


The Nascentia delivery bed is characterized by its usability. Regulating the height, adjusting the footrests: everything is easy to operate.  The Nascentia delivery bed has the following features:

 Naturally comfortable

  • The foam mattress is specially designed for the delivery bed and offers the mother during and after the labor the desired comfort. The mattress has a density of up to 50kg/m³.

Real user-friendliness

  • Accessories and features are easy to use and operate.
  • The Nascentia has an integrated battery and can be operated without connection to the electrical grid.  
  • Due to clever wheel positioning, the bed has a 360-degree turning radius, which allows for easy control by one nurse.

Clean environment

  • No separate elements or options need to be installed. Every feature and accessory has been integrated into the bed’s design.
  • Leg supports are integrated under the bed.

CPR function

  • In case of resuscitation the CPR handle allows for a quick but gas spring controlled smooth flattening of the backrest.

Multiple sections

  • The various sections (the headrest, pelvic section and partus stool)can all be adjusted individually. The Nascentia delivery bed thus guarantees optimal positioning in every phase of the delivery.

Removable Partus stool

  • The Partus stool can be uncoupled from the bed and used as a chair for the doctor or nurse. It can be controlled manually when used separately, or automatically when connected to  rest of the bed.


  • Due to the carefully designed columns, the bed offers high stability and support for the patient and the nursing staff.


The prevention of infections is a major health care issue. During the design process TechniCare naturally made sure to create a design that is in accordance with the regulations for infection prevention.  One of the most prominent features of the delivery bed is its cleanability.

The foam mattress has a washable polyester cover with PU coating for aeration, but is impermeable for any fluids. It is in compliance with the European fire standards EN1021-1/2 and EN 597-1/2.

Research and Development

The delivery bed is developed in cooperation with multiple hospitals and distinguished suppliers.  “The perfect bed did not exist yet. So we decided to let it be designed for us” said Tiba Spaapen, nursing unit manager at the OLV Guesthouse in Amsterdam. “We needed a single bed that improved the conditions both for the mother and the nursing staff.” This became a central idea during the design process.

Healing Environment

The delivery bed is designed according to the Healing Environment Concept,  which means creating a customized environment that improves the mother’s well-being. A calming environment has a stress relieving effect on both the patient and the family.

Article numbers

13.068.01 Delivery Bed Nascentia.

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