Bedpan and Urinal Holder Standing and Mobile holders


Organize your sluice room: clean, easy and adequate!

Suited in every situation

Suited for both urinals, bedpans and other parts.

Fully customized

You indicate which format you prefer. We will manufacture your wall model based on your demands.


The holder is easy to clean, thanks to the use of stainless steel.

Many hospitals are familiar with the question of where to store clean equipment. Too often it happens that the urinals, bedpans and jars are stored on different shelves, on the rinsing machine itself or even on the floor.

TechniCare has developed a logistic solution to ensure clean and careful storage of both used and clean equipment.

Since each sluice room has different numbers of bedpans, urinals and jars, and has a unique sluice area, we offer you the possibility to customize the design to your situation. This guarantees a suitable storage system for every sluice room.


Article numbers

13.011 Bedpan and Urinal Holder,

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