Mount with Swivel Arm for the Heat Lamp


Every suite of the mother and child care centre is equipped with a heat lamp. TechniCare manufactures a wide range of mounts for all kinds of heat lamps.

Custom made

High quality

CE marked

Custom Made

The mount will be specifically customized to your situation. After all, every situation requires a different solution.

High Quality

Only the best materials will be used for the mounts. Since these mounts have such an important function, we only used sturdy materials.

CE Marked

The heat lamp mounts have been CE marked.

In many hospital wards the heat lamps have been integrated into the furniture, which gives the heat lamps a static position. In many cases a static position will suffice, but some rooms require a flexible arrangement.

TechniCare has developed an extendable heat lamp mount for a variety of hospital wards, including neonatology rooms. This design allows the heat lamp to be placed above the changing table, but also above other mobile elements in the room.

Every mount will be customized to your specific situation. TechniCare offers the opportunity to adjust the mount to your specific needs and demands.

The heat lamp mount is suitable for any type of heat lamp.

Article numbers

11.009.02 Mount with Swivel Arm

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