TOBA 2 shower chair of the future!

The TOBA 2 is a new generation of shower chair and toilet chair with an electric height and tilt adjustment that allows clients to be safely and ergonomically washed/cared for. It is designed for general use and can be easily adapted to any client and (complex) care situation thanks to its adjustability and various options.

Height and tilt adjustable shower chair

During a height adjustment, the chair automatically tilts to maintain a comfortable sitting position at any height. The TOBA 2 is equipped with an extra tilting motor as standard, allowing the tilt to be separately adjusted at any height.

Side rails can be attached to the sides of the backrest and seat frame, on which trunk and upper leg pads can be placed.

Comfortable and safe

The TOBA 2 comes complete with foldable footrest and foldable armrests with a forelock. During the turning of the armrests, the cushions do not move, allowing the client’s arms to rest comfortably.

The construction of the frame and the foldable armrests make it possible to transfer with a hoist from both the front and side.

The adjustable footplate with transparent anti-slip coating reaches all the way to the ground. Mobile clients can stand on it during transfer in/out of the chair, so carers don’t have to bend down to fold it up.

Equipped with central brake for extra stability and safety.

Customizable to meet the needs and requirements of the client.

The TOBA 2 is standard available as a basic and extra low version, and can be expanded to a junior version and self-mover (Move).


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