Commode chair Kelly

Toiletstoel Kelly

Every hospital and nursing home is using Commode chairs. Within this use, sustainability, safety and hygiene should all be essential topics. Because of this, TechniCare has designed a brand new commode chair, the commode chairKelly. The commode chairKelly provides taking care of the patient with a clear focus on hygiene and safety.

Stainless steel

Because of the Stainless steel frame we guarantee a long lifespan of the toiletchair Kelly.

Central brake system

One central brake system which assures safety

Optimal hygiene

Thanks to the stainless steel tubes, the toiletchair Kelly is really easy to clean after use.

Safe and User-friendly

One of the unique characteristics of the Kelly Commode Chair is its central brake system. This prevents situations in which one or more of the wheels remain unlocked, which could create a serious fall hazard for the patient when getting in and out of the chair.

Incident reporting shows that unlocked brakes are a major cause for fall accidents with Commode chairs. The central brake system ensures that the healthcare professional locks all wheels simultaneously. It also creates a more user-friendly work environment, as the caregiver does not have to lock each wheel individually.


The Commode chair is constructed entirely out of stainless steel – without coating but, naturally, with special surface treatment. Our design has curved tubes only, which creates an optimal cleaning process.


Our Kelly Commode chair is also characterized by its sustainable nature. The carefully selected materials ensure the frame’s durability. We specifically designed the PUR elements (seating, backrest) to be detachable components, which allows for easy replacement after two or three years. It prevents hospitals from having to buy new chairs continuously, by simply offering replacement seats and backrests, which keeps maintenance costs low.


The new Kelly Commode Chair has been developed in close cooperation with patients, healthcare professionals and infection-prevention specialists. The Commode chair is easy to clean, offers optimal safety to the patient and a creates a user-friendly work environment for the healthcare professional.

Article numbers

18.035.01 Commode chair Kelly Standard
18.035.02 Commode chair Kelly XL

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