Trolley for I.C. en CCU


Hygienic, user friendly and stabile


everything centralized

Power strip

It is a well known problem within the Intensive care unit or the CCU; where to leave all the docking stations, IV’s, Pumps etc. And combined with that issue, where to leave all the plugs.

Therefore, TechniCare has invented thé solution for the I.C. and CCU unit. Technicare has developed in association with three hospitals a new trolley, based on our Mobilyzer foot. You can easily add all your needed accessories on this trolley and still have a moveable stable trolley. We also put a power strip on the trolley, so you can easily plug in every accessorie if needed. No more issues with pumps, plugs over the floor or unstable IV poles, we offer you the solution.

Article numbers

16.025.01 Verrijdbare trolley IC/CCU

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