The Birth of the Nascentia Bed!

With a proud look on her face, Tiba Spaapen rolls the new birthing beds into the suites. “At the Anna Pavilion of the OLVG in Amsterdam, mothers remain in the same room as much as possible, together with their partner and their newborn baby. Now they can also recover after the delivery on the same bed”.

Tiba Spaapen OLVG Amsterdam

The team has been working on the project for five years.  Department manager Tiba Spaapen was one of the initiators of the project, and has been involved in the process from the very first hour. “It all started with an idea. Until now, mothers had to change to a normal bed after the delivery. This did not match our vision at the Anna Pavilion.” Traditional birthing beds have narrow backsides, which makes them very uncomfortable. Often it is too heavy to lift these backsides off and replace them. “We thus needed a bed that could do both”, says Tiba Spaapen. “Comfortable for the recovering mother and ergonomic for the nursing staff.”

Opportunities and possibilities                                    

“We had a very clear image of what we wanted the bed to look like, and we did not want to lower our expectations. But after inquiring at numerous different suppliers, it appeared that the bed we we were looking for just did not exist.  After a long search, we successfully teamed up with TechniCare.

Together we developed a great bed that improves the circumstances for everyone involved. We made a list of demands and TechniCare created the product.  Designed with all situations in mind and a great eye for detail. The design of the bed is even adjusted to the mother-and child friendly incubator, the BabyBloom, which is one of our earlier projects. Throughout the entire process TechniCare kept a close eye on opportunities and possibilities, and was able to find solutions for every situation.”

All possible positions

The birthing bed looks like a normal bed, but in one simple movement, Spaapen disconnects the backside. The two parts of the bed can be adjusted in height individually, which ensure that the mother can give birth in all possible positions, also on the birthing stool. The Nascentia birthing bed is an exemplary cooperation between nursing staff, obstetricians, medical-technical staff, the hygienist of the OLVG and the engineers at TechniCare. The first beds have already been brought into use at the Anna Pavilion.


“The perfect bed did not exist. So we decided to let it be made for us.”


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