Nitrous Oxide trolley


Nitrous Oxide (N20) can be administered in the final stage of delivery under the supervision of the obstetrician or gynaecologist to reduce the labour pains.


N2O in every room

Adjustable design.


The Nitrous Oxide trolley can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of your specific situation.

Nitrous Oxide at Any Location

Thanks to the trolley, the specialist can administer nitrous oxide in various locations.


The design can be customized in accordance with you. It is, for example, possible to add pictures on the product.

TechniCare Nitrous Oxide Trolley is used during the final stage of delivery in birth clinics and in mother and child departments.

The Nitrous Oxide Trolley offers space for up to 3 cylinders:

  • 2 nitrous oxide cylinders (N2O) Ø 140mm for during delivery.
  • 1 oxygen cylinder (O2) Ø 100mm for after delivery.

Moreover, this trolley is equipped with a lockable storage box for accessories, such as mouth caps, valves etc.

The trolley can be adapted on request to meet the requirements of your mother and child department or birth clinic.



Article numbers

13.007.01 Nitrous Oxide trolley

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