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The first days after giving birth are essential for the bonding between mother and baby. It is advised for the parents to be as close to the newborn as possible. Unfortunately, we have seen that in the hospital this isn't as easy as it sounds. We saw that during the time in the hospital the mother is laying in her hospital bed, and the newborn is laying is the crib, which means it is hard to stay connected during the day and night for the mother to the baby.
To strengthen the connection between mother and baby TechniCare has innovated the crib Cosy. With the crib Cosy it is possible for the mother to be nearer to her baby, without the potential risks in a hospital.

Foldable sidewalls

Different colors available

Fully transparant

Together with an university medical centres, as well as other hospitals, TechniCare has developed this whole new way of thinking.

Crib Cosy

The goal during development was to bring mother and baby together as much as possible in a safe way, both for mother and child. After a testing period for almost two years the crib Cosy is ready to strengthen the connection between mother and baby, in a safe and medical-responsible way.


The crib Cosy is made in a way that the foot of the crib can be driven completely under the bed. The crib Cosy has an in height adjustment, to make sure the crib can be moved over the mother. With side walls that can be folded under the crib the mother can reach, can cuddle, can breastfeed and care for her own child, without any intervention by a nurse. Also, a mother which had to go through a C-section doesn’t need to turn on her side to reach for her baby, which is also really important for the healing process of the mother.


The unique point of the crib is the fact that the sidewalls can be folded under the crib. Because of this, the mother has the full freedom to reach for her own baby.



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